Upholstery cleaning

We all like nice clean upholstery.

Upholstery gets a lot of use so it inevitable that it's going to get dirty.
There is only one correct method to giving your chairs/ sofas a really good clean which involves 5 separate processes. 

Step 1 Vacuum.
Upholstery must be vacuumed slowly to remove any dry soils.
If we put any liquids on these soils it will create a mud, the mud can be absorbed by the fibres and cause them to darken. This can ruin your upholstery.

Step 2, Pre spray.
Applying the correct cleaning agent and allowing it to dwell.

Step 3, Agitation.
Agitation is done buy using a small machine, soft brush, or hand mitten.
This works the cleaning agent into the fabric allowing the dirt and grease to emulsify for easy extraction.

Step 4, Rinse.
Using our high powered industry leading truck mount and a specialist upholstery tool, we will rinse and extract all the dirt and and cleaning agent from the material without wetting the foam inside.

Step 5, Towel dry.
Towel drying is what it says.
We absorb as much remaining moisture as we can with towels, allowing for much faster drying times.
For material that takes a  long time to dry we will use  air movers. These are powerful fans that speed up the drying.

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Why should I use a professional,
Isn't all cleaning the same ?.

The short answer is no.
A untrained cleaner will put a cleaning agents in their machine, squirt water on your sofa and suck it out.
That's the same as washing your clothes without a rinse or washing your hair and leaving the soap in.
The soap will dry sticky and attract dirt making your items re-soil faster.
If the cleaning agent used is is of high ph it can start to weaken the fibres reducing the life of your items.

This way of cleaning can damage your upholstery, colour bleed, delamination, fibre weakness, bleaching, water marks, mould growth, browning, colour change.
If they don't have the correct equipment, cleaning agents and use the correct method you could be at risk of having to pay for a new sofa out of your own pocket.

A lot of people think upholstery cleaning takes the same amount of time as it does to clean a average size carpet.
In reality a 3 piece suite takes longer to properly clean than a 4 bedroom house full of carpets.




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