Why choose Emsley carpet cleaning


Building our reputation means everything to us and work hard to give you the best results possible.

No dishonest sales tactics 


TACCA approved member, 

Cleansmart trained technician in carpet & upholstery cleaning & stain removal.

Woolsafe trained technician.

Woolsafe service provider.

Woolsafe fibre care specialist

Top of the range industrial machinery.


Friendly and polite.


Respect your home.


Correct insurance  inc cleaning agents used and items worked on.


All our cleaning agents are 99% organic, naturally bio degradable,  pet and child safe and wool safe for wool.


In warm weather most carpets can be dry in as little a 1 hour.

We are the highest trained company in Yorkshire. Cleaning is all about chemistry, without training it would be just guessing and hoping for the best, not with us. We don't like to guess, we train so we don't have to.  

With 10 years in the field our technique has been perfected to bring you the best quality carpet and upholstery cleaning possible. Our technique is so good we even train other carpet cleaning business the same way.

We know the inconvenience of a long drying times and have invested in the most powerful machine money can buy. 

We take our time to ensure your carpets and upholstery are deep cleaned and as dry as humanly possible. 

High quality equipment is important, almost  as i important as training. To give you an idea average cleaner will have invested around £500 to £7000 worth of equipment. 
We have invested almost £50,000 into our equipment because quality is what we stand for, in our cleaning and in our business.
We promise you will not find another company as capable as us.

professional Carpet cleaner Keighley

 If your serious about paying for your carpets and upholstery to cleaned the right way then take a moment to read fully.
For many people choosing someone to clean your carpets or upholstery can be quite daunting. For other people it all about looking for the cheapest.
Not all but most cleaners on Facebook are not professionals.
They have no training, diy machines, wrong insurance and incorrect cleaning methods.
When buying a car or a tv you can go to a shop have a look round and test it before you buy. With carpet cleaning you don't know what your getting for your money until the work is been carried out.
If you agree to pay say £30 for a medium size room and the cleaner arrives with a diy machine would you be happy ?
The truth is most people are...
If the carpet looks cleaner most people are happy.
There is a big difference between looking clean and been clean.
Imagine washing your clothes in the bath. Put water and detergent in the bath dip your clothes in and straight back out then squeeze the water out. Would you be convinced your clothes are clean and free of soap ? i don't think you would either.
In reality this is how most cleaners wash your carpets, it's quick and easy money for them, and if you see a difference your eyes trick you into believing it's clean.
Most people have never used a true professional carpet technician, so how would you know what to expect ?
All you see is video clips, vax and rug doctor sale for diy so anyone must be able to clean carpet right ?
The equipment true professionals use has way more power than any machine you can buy or rent from a local diy store. There is also much, much more knowledge needed than your may think to achieve the best results without causing damage. 
Did your cleaner chat about the type of carpets or upholstery you have and the problems that may occur ? The reason why stain won't come out of that type of carpet?. Do you know how strong the chemicals are that they use ? do they neutralize the chemicals back to a safe ph ? if so how ?
Emsleys carpet cleaning is trained and will continue various training courses. We are also part of a approved carpet cleaning alliance called TACCA. Not any tom dick or harry can join this.
Emsleys carpet cleaning will chat about the type of carpet or fibres and fabric and explain to the fullest the problems that may arise, what results to expect, and the processes used.
Emsleys carpet cleaning use a multi stage clean with various machines to remove the maximum amount of deep down dirt while using less water.
Think of your carpet like a cup...when the cup is full it can't hold any more. If you empty only half of what's in the cup and add more water the cup fills up fast. If you empty all the contents of the cup it will take longer to refill.
Now lets talk about prices.
Carpet cleaning should be cheap shouldn't it ?
The answer to that is down to you, what kind of quality you want and who you choose. 
Most professional do not advertise their prices, each job is different and 1 may cost more than the other.
None professional will advertise prices, they hope to lure you in with the low prices because this is all they have to offer.
Carpet cleaning can be as expensive as £150 for 1 room from some cleaners.
Upholstery cleaning can be very expensive from a professional.
The reason upholstery is expensive is, we can clean a 4 bedroom house fully loaded with carpets faster than a 3 piece suite.
Cleaning upholstery with the correct method can take hours
Thank you for reading


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