Stain removal

Stains can be annoying to look at on a daily basis and make you feel embarrassed when friends and family members come to visit.  

Although not every stain can be guaranteed to be removed, we may be able to lighten them to make them less noticeable.

With our training and understanding of a large amount of fibre types, we have a higher chance of removing a stubborn stain than anyone else.

Emsley's carpet cleaning, Stain removal
Emsley's carpet cleaning, Stain removal
Emsley's carpet cleaning, stain removal, Keighley, Yeadon, Skipton, Guiseley, Bingley, Halifax

There are two types of marks you can have on a carpet, a spot and a stain.

A spot is a mark that has not been absorbed by the fiber but sits on top instead.

Spots are usually easy to remove.
A stain is caused by the fibers absorbing the liquid and dying the fiber to that colour. 

Stain removal can be tricky and take more time to remove than actually cleaning the carpet.

When visiting to attempt a stain removal, we will have a chat about expectations. If we can't meet those expectations  we will not charge.


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