Odour removal

When entering someone's premises the first thing you will notices is a smell ( good or bad).
Bad odours can have have a negative effect with people who enter your premises.

Odours can be caused by a number of things, pets, smoking, spills, food, human waste, pollen's and dirt over time can be a source of bad odours,  neglected and badly maintained carpets,.
Carpets act as giant filter for the home.
Over time they collect skin, dust, dirt, air pollutants. grease from bare feet and pets Now add moisture off your shoes from rainy day and you have a recipe for bad smells. 
Maybe you have had your carpet cleaned and now it smells. Improper cleaning is usually due to untrained cleaners with low powered machines. Over wetting is the normally the main reason for your carpets to smell foul after a clean. Using too much water will push dirt and contaminants into the backing of the carpet, this will make the carpet smell bad and leave it soaked for days increasing the risk of mould growth.


Carpet cleaning Keighley emsleys carpet cleaning

Fluids that have penetrated the backing of the carpet and underlay normally smell the worst.
These can not be removed by carpet cleaning alone.
These areas need to be flushed out.
This is done by saturating the carpet in that area with the appropriate odour and bacterial agent.  
We then use a specialist tool that creates a massive amount of suction to draw it out into the machine.

Every item we clean will be cleaned  with active bacterial agent kill 99% of bacteria and eliminating smells they cause.


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