Carpet cleaning

With our 5 process cleaning method our results can't be beaten.

We will start with a slow vacuum to carpets that need it.

Vacuuming can remove up to 80% of dry soils. 

We then spray the carpet thoroughly and evenly with the best cleaning agent suited to that particular job.  

Then we will agitate the carpet,  opening the pile and allowing the cleaning agent to be worked deep into the pile, breaking down stain and emulsifying the dirt to allow easy extraction.

Then we will use our powerful industry leading truck mount machine  to rinse and extract the dirt, pollen's, fine debris, and everything that is hidden deep in the carpet.

Lastly we will rake the carpet leaving the pile set upright where possible.

This allows air to move round the fibres allowing for faster drying and enhancing the appearance of the carpet.

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Emsleys carpet cleaning

To achieve the best results possible a carpet technician must have training and the correct equipment. 

Training is vital and gives us a understanding of various carpet types and how different cleaning agents works on each carpet.

Natural fibres, ie wool can be damaged by high ph cleaning agents.

We use neutral wool safe approved cleaning agent on these fibres to ensure safe cleaning.  

If the correct equipment and method isn't used the results may not be to your satisfaction.

Incorrect cleaning & equipment can cause a number of problems, colour bleed, delamination, fibre weakness, bleaching, water marks, mould growth, browning, colour change, shrinkage, and very long drying times.

We have invested in  state of the art truck mounted  machine, vacuums and agitators and training, to eliminate any dangers that other companies don't know or care about.